Making sustainable cities

The world is urbanizing at a rapid pace.
In 2040, life 8/10 people in cities , there will live, work, study,eat,… + 9 billion people on this planet. Climate change is a fact and will only translate into more unpredictable weather. In addition, we have to cope with food, energy and water shortages. And what about mobility? Higher life expectancy lead to more aging, on the other hand the rejuvenation will grow strongly. How should we handle all this ?

To face these challenges , we now need to found solutions to housing, architecture, mobility, energy – and water, sustainable building materials, healthcare, … .
We have no time to lose, our cities must be ready for the future!

For whom

  • architects
  • engineering
  • planning
  • contractors & developers
  • producers of building materials
  • energy sector
  • mobility/automotive sector
  • IT/ICT
  • healthcare
  • environment
  • government
  • politics


125,- (excl. VAT) (3-day access to REALTY 2014 + conference + reception at the fair)

*The spoken language of the Conference is English.

Keynote Speakers

Peter Buchanan – UK

Rita Justesen – DK

Julien De Smedt – BE

ianka Fleerackers (moderator)

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